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A journal brought him to Tradition. She was the reason he stayed.

Therapist Katie Mitchell's dream to buy the property she's leasing is finally within her reach. After losing her husband and high school sweetheart, the safe haven she intends to build will honor his memory - and ease the guilt she's felt for years - in their hometown of Tradition, Texas. With funds in hand, the expansion of her animal-centered non-profit seems like a sure thing until a sexy stranger steps foot on her land, right in the way of her plans - and her life in a way that she isn't ready for.

Ex-Marine businessman Troy Montgomery is searching for an answer to the question left by his brother's journal when he finds the perfect property for his foundation's equine retreat. He wants it instantly - just like he wants the feisty woman who lives there. She speaks to the damaged cowboy beneath his polished exterior. But the more he pursues, the more he realizes she might hold the key to answers he doesn't want - and a change he may not be ready to make.

Both want the same thing, but not both of them can get it. Both need something from the other, but may not be brave enough to admit it.

This means war. Or cohabitation. Or maybe healing for them both.

Stable Foundation releases March 14th

Secrets threaten to stop their future before it starts.

Katie was fine with the life she had. Her work, her organization, her animals--all her plans were finally snapping into focus. Then Troy showed up in Tradition and now she's anything but fine. She's stalled in a state of limbo, her progress with Troy and her non-profit in risk of going backwards. Confused. Hurt. Grieving her husband all over again. And feeling things she had given up on feeling years ago.

Troy went looking for an answer in Tradition, Texas. Instead, he found a secret he never expected, a property he wasn't searching for, and a woman that nothing could have prepared him for. Everything he needs, for his equine therapy foundation and himself, is within reach if he can shake loose the ghosts that haunt his nightmares. And hold on to the woman who stars in his dreams.

But a past secret isn't the only things that threatens their future--or their lives.

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